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Eclipse Drops


7-Days Returns 6-Months Warranty Buyback after 8 Months

The Eclipse Drops earrings are a perfect blend of modern design and subtle elegance. Crafted from recycled brass and plated with 14K gold, these earrings feature a unique concave shape that resembles a partial eclipse. Their polished, reflective surface captures and plays with light, creating a mesmerizing effect. Perfect for both casual and formal occasions, the Eclipse Drops are a statement of sustainable luxury and innovative craftsmanship, adding a touch of celestial charm to any outfit.

  • Base Material: Recycled Brass
  • Plating: 14K Gold
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14K Gold

Recycled Brass

A cornerstone of our collection, recycled brass forms the base of many of our pieces. It is an eco-friendly choice that brings durability and a classic golden hue, elegantly coated with 14k real gold for a lasting finish.

Cubic Zirconia

Adding a touch of brilliance, cubic zirconia is used for its diamond-like clarity and sparkle. This synthetic gemstone enhances the beauty of our pieces while maintaining an affordable price point.

Fresh Water Pearl

Selected pieces are adorned with fresh water pearls, celebrated for their natural luster and unique shapes. These pearls add an element of organic elegance to our sustainable jewelry.


Incorporated for its strength and durability, steel is used in some of our pieces to provide a robust foundation. It is a versatile material that complements the recycled brass and cubic zirconia beautifully under the 14k real gold plating.

Wear & Tear

Put on jewelry last during dressing and remove it for physical tasks. Avoid exposure to chemicals and harsh activities.


Gently wipe with a soft cloth regularly.


Store pieces separately in a dry, cool place. Use fabric-lined boxes or individual pouches to prevent scratches.

Specific Care

  1. Gold Plated & Brass: Keep dry and clean. Avoid water and chemicals.
  2. Cubic Zirconia: Wipe off oils and dust to maintain shine.
  3. Pearls: Wipe gently with a soft cloth; they are delicate.
  4. Steel: Store separately and polish to avoid scratches.


Remove jewelry before swimming, showering, or exercising to prevent damage.


Enjoy a 6-months warranty covering any manufacturing defects. Contact us for a hassle-free repair or replacement if issues arise. Excludes normal wear and tear, accidental damage, or unauthorized repairs.

Buy-Back Guarantee

After 8 months of purchase, you have the option to sell your piece back to us. We offer a fair price based on the item's age and condition, supporting our commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Terms apply. For more details, visit Sucra's Promise

Eclipse Drops


7-Days Returns 6-Months Warranty Buyback after 8 Months